Maintenance and Troubleshooting for natural gas pipeline ball valves

Pipeline ball valve Management and Maintenance Methods.


Inch. Maintenance and direction of the construction interval.


Throughout the construction period of the ball, scientific management and maintenance is very important in the construction of the equipment management set up, keep mathematics, not just can guarantee safety, and can Reduce the structure and operational management of costs.


.1 Major should note these facets:


① to the right method of tackling the valve to avoid mechanical damage. After the valve lifting, the lifting belt Cannot Be tied to the stem or actuators lifting, otherwise it will cause the stem bending diameter valve seal collapse and gearbox destruction;② from the factory, to be installed at either end of the valve easy blind board to prevent through transportation and also about the building site sand, water, and other impurities into the valve space, causing corrosion and damage to the seal;③ in the construction site, the valve suitably positioned on the sleepers, do not place anyplace, prevent sewer mouth, mouth, and another grease from being damaged or broken;④ prior installation, the valve has to be grease injection. By injection of dirt over the 1 hand to Examine the dirt station is smooth, about the other hand to chair sealing surface and also the back cavity is stuffed to avoid impurities into the bronchial area and a rear room, while a particular degree, may weaken the welding of high temperature on the valve seat afterward;⑤ the complete installation procedure to maintain the valve in the fully open position;⑥ when the welding is finished and completed water pressure evaluation before and after every surgery and also to timely produce a specific quantity of dirt, to the valve space timely discharge water clean, stop freezing and corrosion;


.2 Running regular care and upkeep Tips:


① occasionally assess the tightness of valves, sewage through the mouth to check if there is inner leakage, internal leakage media handler for processing;

② timely injected a particular amount of fresh dirt into the seat, the frequency and amount of injection valve in accordance with the frequency of activities, typically when the valve event once, to inject the right amount of grease, the amount of every injection is roughly 1/8 the quantity of their sealing procedure, this was done to avoid the maximum amount of impurities inside the tubes into the chair room, the effect of this valve seat, thus resulting in seal failure, while making sure that the sealing surface period from the"moist" condition;③ valve of little activity, the minimum annual action 1 time while injecting the correct quantity of       grease, this can be achieved to prevent the ball and when gluing the seat, but also to prevent the ball to dry milling activities, shields the seat and ball; ball before;④ winter to conduct thorough maintenance and repair, the attention ought to drain the valve actuator within the cavity and also water, to avoid freezing, impacting the normal function;⑤ replace the dirt once annually inside the gear transmission mechanism;⑥ periodically assess valve diameter seal, once the flow seemed to be in time;⑦ remove rust, and outside upkeep.


.3 Common Faults and exception Technique:

[1]. Ball endoleak:

Gas pipeline over the valve leakage is the most frequent valve problems.


{1} within the valve leakage:


.1) Construction of this origin of the valve leakage:


① transportation and raising the overall damage caused by improper valve causing the valve congestion; ② If the factory, there is no strain exerted to the valve be dried and preservative treatment, resulting in the formation of the sealing surface corrosion inner congestion; ③ construction site security isn't set up, either ends of this valve is not set up blind, rain, soil and other impurities to the chair, inducing leakage; ④ once installed, no grease injection valve, causing flaws to the back seat when welding or clogs due to internal blockage; ⑤ valve isn't installed at the open area, causing damage to the chunk, during welding, if the valve isn't completely exposed place, weld spatter sphere will lead to damage, when followed by weld spatter world if the switch can cause further damage to the valve seat, causing internal congestion; ⑥ welding slag and other construction remnants cause the sealing surface scratches; ⑦ dispatch or setup of this cap inaccuracies caused by congestion, even when the stem or other fittings with the drive sleeve assembly angular displacement, the valve may flow.


2) Run of the root cause of this valve congestion:


① The most typical reason is that managers take into consideration the operational and maintenance prices costlier valve without upkeep, or lack of scientific strategy to management and maintenance of the valve without valve preventative maintenance, caused by equipment failure occurred in advance; ② no maintenance or improper operation due to inner leakage according to upkeep processes; ③ during ordinary operation, construction fires scrape the sealing coating, inducing inner congestion; ④ pigging improper sealing surface damage caused by inner leakage; ⑤ long-term maintenance or inactivity valve, causing the valve seat and ball lock, resulting in seal harm if the switching valve has been formed in the drain; ⑥ valve change caused by insufficient internal blockage, no matter any valve opening and final position, the general tendency 2 ° ~ 3 ° can cause leakage [2]; ⑦ big variety of large diameter valve stem features a stop block, if used for a long time because of rust and other reasons between the stem and stem stopper build-up will rust, dust, paint and other debris, the debris may lead to the valve can't be rotated into location and lead to leaks -- If the valve is buried, then the stem will produce longer and more falling rust and impurities slow ball spinning in place, causing valve leakage, ⑧ overall the actuator position is limited, if long-term trigger rust, hardened grease or loose strands limit will limit inaccurate, inducing inner leakage; valve actuator place ⑨ set forward, perhaps not on the location causing inner congestion; ⑩ lack of periodic maintenance and repair, leading sealant becomes dry, tough, dry seal fat accumulation in the resilient seat, chair slow motion movement, resulting in seal failure.


[2]. estimating strategy endoleak:


The propane pipeline is repaired common shuttle valve, which broadly speaking check is: turn the valve to the fully open or fully closed position by the sewer discharge check valve nozzle for escapes. In case it can release clean, then a proof sealing. If the discharge pressure is definitely there, then it may be thought of as a leaking valve, then the valve should be managed appropriately. But emphasized that for GRoVE b 5 and B-7A-ball, PBV ball, ROBERT CORT ball can only be assessed in the fully closed position, such as on the ball valve to start a channel, once the open position when to balance the pipeline and the valve chamber pressure. But when the fully closed position, it won't happen.


[3]. endoleak handler:


① initial assess valve limitation to see whether the limitation may be resolved by correcting the internal leakage of the valve. ② first injected a specific level of dirt see if you're able to stanch if the injection rate must be slow while watching the fluctuations in the outlet pressure gauge pointer dirt gun to determine the instance of internal leakage of the valve. ③ In the event, you can't stanch, there might be premature injected sealant harden or sealing surface harm caused by internal leakage. At this time around recommendation injection valve cleaning fluid, and the sealing face of the valve seat cleanup. Usually, no less than half an hour soak, soak if necessary, hours or even days, to be cured completely dissolved and then do further processing. Within this approach, it is best to modify the movable valve many times. ④ refilling grease, irregular opening and shutting the valve, then the discharge valve following the contaminants chamber along with also the sealing surface. ⑤ From the completely closed position to assess when there are leaks, sealing dirt needs to be injected to strengthen the amount, while opening the valve cavity vent, which can generate a large pressure differential helps seal, under ordinary conditions, to fortify the degree by injecting sealant inner leakage may be removed. ⑥ Should you still have internal leakage, then it's necessary to fix or replace the valve.


{2} Stem leakage:


The most valve stem is provided on the top and lower two seals, so in general, you cannot do any maintenance, but as a result of protracted aging or wear, can cause leakage of the valve stem. For injection stem population, may be achieved by injecting sealant temporary stanch purposes. Fill sealing grease should really be slowly, preferably with a manual grease gun. After the leak stops, they should stop filling, and filling volume too much can cause difficulties to stem spinning. Naturally, some of the stem at the structure of by injection or compression packaging gland packing to accomplish the varnish.


{3} Ball valve functioning exception:


1) ball a long time without actions and maintenance, and the chunk chair could be secured, this operation of the valve even more laborious surgery doesn't move, then it is most useful injected a quantity of cleanup solution soak for a while prior to the operation.


2) pipeline in the garbage, sand, dirt or aging, and hardened fat accumulation from the chair ring seal around the valve seat and also the effects of the activity, causing the seat ring stuck, causing a flow between the valve seat and also the chunk. Typically injection valve to the cleaning process to get rid of impurities.


3) When the high water content of the propane in the transportation procedure because the environment changes, there is going to be more condensate drinking water. The water valve will exist at the lowest stage of the valve, It's usually the lower portion of the lower pivot or Ball-valve, freezing cold conditions in low temperatures, resulting in the valve opening and finally don’t move.


4) when working with stem leakage, causing clamping screws too tight on the switch difficult, the compression screw should not be excessively loose or too tight.


5) There are also embraced for your toaster, pig equipment operated valve engaging the following reasons: ① badly worn or cracked teeth, resulting in the participation can not be regular; security trap ② worm on the rest; ③ pig or pig wheel pose damage on; ④ turbine worm bad lubrication for dirt these places usually petroleum-based, are water pollution, in chilly weather, so the water melts, the valve inoperable. When that occurs, start the gearbox to eliminate all water, ice and grease contaminated, and re-apply new dirt -- if particularly cold, it is best to utilize non-metallic grease, like alcohol-based dirt; ⑤ valve and bolt gearboxes are connected to the loose or reduce; ⑥ electric head fault, no power source pipes or setting mistakes.


6) There are also connected to liquid and gas valve for the next reasons: ① gas line, petroleum pipeline could obstruct or rate-limiting valve remains in a closed state; ② deficiency of atmosphere pressure; ③ pipe or rotary component sealing fault; ④ pressure along with other causes of excessive torque.


.4 Conclusion:

As a way to boost the trustworthiness of the valve, to expand valve life, well first, especially maintenance and supervision of construction and commissioning period is extremely important.


*Therefore advocated that:


① to strengthen the apparatus prior to shipping maintenance oversight and oversight during transportation; ② augment oversight before the equipment installation and upkeep, maintenance and installation procedure; ③ before setup, a pressure test must be completed, when possible identify issues and early remedy; ④ change the concept of preventive maintenance, periodic maintenance plan to develop and strictly implement; ⑤ strengthen professional coaching to improve the overall professional quality of care employees, to ensure the upkeep of technical, scientific and security; ⑥ the establishment and advancement factory equipment, transport, setup, testing, usage of upkeep, upkeep accounting for future direction create a document and buildup of raw data; ⑦ have been trial and error, the establishment of relevant scientific maintenance processes and review standards.

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