Why Choose a Namur Solenoid Valve for a Pneumatic Actuator

The word, NAMUR, fairly misnomer, is an abbreviation for the User Association of Automation Technology in Process Industries and fills in as a norm for computerized valve innovation. Standard interfaces for actuator mountings keep solenoid and establishment costs down. A NAMUR solenoid valve, in this manner, is legitimately mounted to pneumatic actuator bay/outlet ports.



The capacity of a NAMUR solenoid valve is to control the media stream: the valve itself is constrained by an electric solenoid, which opens or shuts the valve, by controlling the measure of air- - through a pilot- - to the pneumatic actuator. A pneumatic actuator changes over energy-packed air- - into movement. The solenoid and actuator work pair to control stream speed, stream sum, and stream heading. Similarly, the valve is worked in either the regularly shut, or typically vacant position. 


Solenoid valves are accessible in a few setups, including 3 way and 4 way. A 3-way solenoid valve normally comprises of 1 channel, 1 outlet, and 1 fume port, and 2 seats for liquid control. A 4-way solenoid valve uses at least 4 ports (2 deltas, 1 outlet, 2 depletes, and 2 seats), and are regularly applied for working twofold acting rack and pinion actuators.

3 Way Solenoid Valve 

The 3-way solenoid valve used to work single activity actuators. This solenoid valve is made for a 100% consistent obligation cycle at 2.5 Watts in a weight scope of 20 to 120psig and a temp. scope of 30° to 130° F (0° to 130° F with dry media). Ports are 1/4" NPT.

4 Way Solenoid Valves

  • 100% consistent obligation cycle at 2.5 Watts; Pressure Range from 0 to 120psig; Temperature range from 35° to 130° F (from 0° to 130° F with dry media); Cv=1.68. 1/4" NPT.
  • Offers similar specs as the DIN model.
4 Way Conduit/Explosion Proof:
  • 4 Way single solenoid NAMUR imparts specs to the recently referenced solenoid valves however conveys a NEMA rating of 7 and is blast confirmation. Just uses 2.5 Watts of intensity for consistent obligation; different voltage alternatives. 1/4" NPT.


  • Direct mounting and standard interfaces lower establishment costs, yet is faster and more straightforward contrasted with distantly incorporated pneumatic solenoid frameworks. Harm prospects to channeling are kept to a base, and installers are given more space to retrofit items together instead of being secured in a manner just situation. While NAMUR solenoid valves actually expect installers to follow establishment suggestions, they give a lot of advantages, making applications more various.

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